Happy New Year

Dec 31, 2007 10:04 PM
Final post of the year 2007. This was the year I launched this site and it's been a great success. I updated with more scans today. The KO database was updated with two new scenes. A contributer sent me an interesting manga scan that I placed in the Doujinshi photo gallery. I added some scans to the "Miscellaneous" gallery as well.

Someone also alerted me to an anime music video called "Interstella 5555". It starts off with a very nice sleeping gas scene. You can watch the video HERE.

Other than that there is nothing else to report. I hope every one has a happy new year and a great 2008. I'm also crossing my fingers in the hope that Ron Paul does well in the primaries. This will be an interesting election indeed.

P.S.: If you don't know about Ron Paul yet, I suggest you Google him.

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