Update 9/2/2006

Sep 02, 2006 08:17 PM



Yes, someone finally posted the Vampirella #71 chloroforming (will the real Mr. X please standup, please standup?).

Yes, someone finally posted the chloroforming (will the real Mr. X please standup, please standup?).Ummm, yeah Savage She-Hulk #12, only the second time Jen Walters is "chloroformed" per se. I prefer the standard cloth over mouth but a whole bag? That's deep man. Wonder Woman also got the "bag" treatment once.

Cage #4, Dakota North. Nice scene; good sleepy shots. Nice cradle carries. Good dialogue. But where's the fucking chloroform? It's only subtly hinted at. Her full body suit is hot though, definitely very Black Widow-esque.

So I have indexed all these scenes as well as those Golden Age Sandman scenes project x posted a while ago.

Time for some site statistics. When I first announced the existence of sleepycomics.com, the site recieved 391 unique visits. For me, that's a lot (compare that to when I first announced pleaserelax.tripod.com, I had something like 195 uniques). Yesterday I had 83 returning visits, not bad not bad. My Photobucket account is absorbing all the bandwith of my site. I have nearly 60,000 hits this month for pictures, transferring over 5.31 GB of data. I am only allowed 10 GB of bandwith.

I host my clips on a different server. In August alone I used 1.92 GB of bandwith (and the site wasn't up for the entire month). It's only the second day of September and already almost 300 MB of bandwith was used up. The most popular file was the Hana Yori Dango live chloro. I'm going to start posting more clips once I have time.

I added two clips. One from Seisouhen (chloroform) and one from TMNT (dart). I didn't make the TMNT one, so credit goes to the original capturer.

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