February Update

Feb 17, 2008 04:21 PM

Hi everyone. I updated the database with a bunch of new scenes. I also added some pictures to the comic girls gallery.

As for the videos, it turns out the server I am hosting them at does not allow videos to be downloaded anymore for bandwidth reasons. So it's basically impossible to download them now. Sorry about that.

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Feb 22, 2008
Too bad about the videos, but nice update though!

Mar 10, 2008
May I suggest using Mediafire to upload the clips? There is no limit on uploads or downloads (even simultaneous downloads), and you could probably just stick the current collection into a few 100MB ZIP files for download. Or upload them individually (though I think the former is easier).

That's a lot to ask, I know, but I just found this site, and would love to see the clips. :-)


Mar 13, 2008
I'll look into trying that, thanks for telling me.