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Mar 17, 2008 10:26 PM
There is apparently someone out there who enjoys anime chloro scenes as well. Many of you have probably seen this YouTube channel already, but I'll just post the link here anyway:

This guy has a whole bunch of anime chloro scenes, many of which I've seen already, but there are some originals. Some are better quality too.

Belly punch KO's seem to be the big fad right now. There is this guy with like almost 200 belly punch KO scenes: Belly punches are interesting. They look painful, but it's also kind of hot at the same time. It's almost as if we enjoy watching females get pummeled. I'll be honest, I actually like it.

I wish someone would start finding scenes of females getting injected or darted. I really enjoy those kind of KO's. If someone made a YouTube channel with 200 dart scenes, I'd watch it all night long.

I beat the first Phoenix Wright game. It's quite an incredible experience. The last case has a cute girl fainting. I'm currently playing Phoenix Wright: Justice for All. Already, I've already seen a girl get drugged and another get KO'd in the head. This game is text driven, so this is really in my imagination.

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