Captain America v1 #103 - Sharon Carter

Sep 03, 2006 12:50 PM
Thanks to a user on the Chloroforum who alerted me about this chloroform scene from Captain America #103. The damsel is Sharon Carter. I added it to the database.


It's not the greatest scene in the world, but just the fact that it exists is exciting. There could still be tons of scenes we just don't know about. If anyone remembers seeing a gas or chloroform scene in a comic, but they don't know what issue it came from, just give me as many details as possible. I will try to track down that scene and index it. This is what I live to do.

The webmaster posted this AWESOME chloroform scene from Samuree #8. I got two new scenes in one day. Project X then posted this sweet gassing scene from Scooby Doo and the Curse of the Mummy. I honestly never heard of Daphne blake getting gassed before. It just totally blew my mind away. Man, I can't wait for tomorrow. Who knows what the chloro God will bring?


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