Amazing Fantasy #8 - Scorpion

Sep 05, 2006 09:33 AM

Time for another update! You see I pretty much update this site everyday because I have nothing better to do!

Today's feature scene is from Amazing Fantasy #8 and the damsel is a heroine called Scorpion. The KO method is injection.


For an injection it's pretty damn good. She starts to get woozy as the CURARE (a very deadly poison I believe) takes effect. But somehow it only knocks her out for a while. There is a wake up scene.

I indexed a handful of scenes to the "other" database (the database I sort of don't care about, except for the injection and dart scenes). Seriously, if I had to index EVERY SINGLE electric, drugged drink, head KO, faint, hypnotic scene, I would have my work cut out for me. I'm going to try to put my focus on anesthetics. But if I do find a head KO or ZAP that's really good, I'll still index it. But right now all I care about is seeing heroines get high.

So here is what I indexed:  

Amazing Spiderman #147

Amazing Spiderman #426

Aquaman 28

Atom #1

Avengers v1 #40

Azrael Annual 3

Batman #333.

In "chloros" I added those Superman comic strips project x posted a while back.

I am starting to flip through West Coast Avengers. This comic looks like it has potential for some great finds. West Coast #36 already turned up a Scarlet Witch gassing. 

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