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Jul 19, 2009 12:52 AM
So I was googling the phrase "sleepycomics.com" to see if any websites made any mention of this site.  Surely enough I found a reference on comicbookresources.com: right here.  The topic was started by an apparant fan of sleepycomics.com.  Thank you Splat24 for showing support!  Sorry for the hostile reaction you got though.  It's disappointing how the outside world looks at us like we are freaks or something.  We're humans too!!  Judging by the responses, it seems most people are content with the current state of Wonder Woman.  The Wonder Woman of today is practically unstoppable; it truly does a disservice to her Golden and Silver age days.

If you closely examine the history of comics in America, you will notice that comics from the Golden Age had three things going for them: action, romance...and bondage!  Remember, Wonder Woman wasn't the only heroine who was tied up...everyone else was tied up too.  Bondage wasn't just some basement fetish, it was part of the culture during the Golden Age.  And it was acceptable.

What we have moved into today, is an era where we must all be politically correct in everything we publish.  No no no, we cannot show Wonder Woman bound and gagged, for that would diminish her as a female.  Instead, we must shoot Barbara Gordon in the spine to prove she is "strong".  The feminist movement believed they were empowering women in comics, but instead they transformed women into masculine creatures who could beat up every baddy.  When women in comics cannot even be touched, where is the incentive to even care about the character?  Where is the sense of danger?
I do believe however, that there is a segment of the comic publishing community that recognizes the influence bondage has played in the history of comics.  Those artists that exploit the bondage culture will succeed.

And you know what? I think I'm going to give the middle finger to those people who mock the bondage community...by uploading more scenes!

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Jul 20, 2009
A while back, we were talking about odd fetishes on the Straight Dope Message Board, and I mentioned my "KOed superheroine" fetish. Someone then called me "a serial killer waiting to happen"! I just thought that it was funny. Here is a link to the thread:


I realize that, in modern times, our fetish is seen as "creepy", and I accept that. To a lot of people, it seems that we are condoning actual violence against women -- such people do not seem to have a proper concept of fantasy, but I do understand where they are coming from, to some extent, at least.

Still, I really enjoy my odd paraphilia, and this website, as well! Hooray for "Sleepy Comics"; may it live forever!


Jul 22, 2009
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What a bunch of over-sensitive, PC lamers! Actually, I could use stronger language, but to what purpose? There are people who get it and others don't. I guess people just want to see god-like monsters beat the crap out her and that's what we'll see. I don't read Wonder Woman for that reason. I read the Batman comics. I might get a WW issue if one of the Bat-Villains makes an appearance, but otherwise, no thanks. The writer of WW even responded comparing the concept of "going back to the sense of danger with regular type villains" to fetish stuff. Ridiculous! Keep up the fabulous work and keep giving them the finger! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oct 23, 2009
Excellent discussion, guys!! Thanks, I am learning a lot. I've had this facination with superheroine KO's, unconscious carries, and bondage for many decades. My name for it was "fantasy" . . . I never considered it to be a "fetish". Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't, still not sure. I resonate with the comment that some people see this fantasy as "creepy" . . . that is nothing new, isn't that what Frederick Wertham based his whole SOTI manifesto on?. . . and he was more than half a century ago. I see it as harmless unless, and this is a big UNLESS, it interferes with and is seen as preferable to real love in a heterosexual relationship. Nuff said for now.