Interview Part I

Aug 14, 2009 11:02 PM
Alright, so I gave you guys a chance to ask some questions.  I got some good ones.  Here are my responses in no particular order:

Q: What comics do you actually read on a monthly basis ? (from lurkndog)

A:  Actually, I don't read any!  In fact, I don't own a single comic book.  Some of my favorite graphic novels in the past have been The Dark Knight by Frank Miller and Watchmen.  But no, I don't follow any current comic books which is interesting considering the content of this site!

Q: Did you ever tell anybody outside the online world tell about your liking ? (from LordOfTheCarry)

A: Yes.  Several people in my life do in fact know about my interest.  I told my brother first, and he was kind of shocked at first but now jokes around with me about it.  It was quite relieving actually.  Supposedly he then went on to tell all his friends at school about, but no one ended up caring.  I have showed a few close friends from college my artwork, but again, none of them seemed to care.  So the lesson learned was, it isn't a problem telling people because they end up not caring in the end.  Regardless, my parents still don't know.

Q; Do you ever plan on telling anyone (besides your brother) about your fetish or this website? (from BLX)

A: My goal is to not tell people.  Because honestly, people don't need to know.  There are times however, where I am tempted to just reveal my secret to everybody I know.  I feel that sleepycomics is such an accomplishment in my life, that it is such a shame that no one knows about it!  I wish people knew, but at the same time I realize it could potentially ruin my reputation!  I am becoming less and less careful about protecting my identity, and soon I think someone in my life will stumble upon this website.  Maybe someone already has, but they don't want to tell me.

Q:  Do you remember when the sleepy fetish first started for you? A particular scene in the comics (or on TV) that made you realize that you liked knockout scenes? (gytalf2000)

A:  I don't remember what triggered this sleepy fascination of mine.  The earliest I can trace my history with sleepy content is around 2000-2001.  Seeing the Wonder Girl chloro scene live on TV for the first time (on the Sci-Fi channel) really changed me.  I also remember being interested in all the various gas KO's from shows like Inspector Gadget, Batman TAS and Superman TAS.  It didn't suddenly happen, the fascination slowly grew on me.  And even today, I am liking new things (like bondage, head KO's, faints...things I had no interest in before).

Q:  What is it about a ko that makes it exciting to you? What kind of ko do you like the best and why?

A:  What makes KO's exciting to me has to do with the concept of helplessness.  Rendering someone unconscious puts them in their most vulnerable state.  It is the most satisfying when a powerful heroine gets knocked out when she is at the peak of her strength, by someone significantly weaker than her.  By far my favorite KO method is chloroform.  It catches the heroine off guard, slowly overpowers her, weakens her and is very upclose and personal.  It's the most perfect, sexiest way to render anyone unconscious.  By far.

For the last question, I am going to rephrase it slightly:

Q:  Have we already seen the best that comics have to offer in terms of KO's and bondage?

A:  I like this question a lot.  My answer is that I don't know and that we will never know.  Back in 2006, I thougt I had already found the best comic book KO's.  I thought there was no way I could ever find anything better.  Yet time and time again I would surpass my old finds with better finds.  The truth is, the amount of comics out there is endless.  There are hundreds of thousands of comic series, and each series can have a dozen to several hundred issues.  Each month they are publishing thousands of comics.  There is no way we will ever find every single bondage and KO scene.  There's simply too many comics.  I don't believe we have even seen everything Golden Age comics have to offer, because we haven't searched 100% of Golden Age comics.

Right now our best bet is to look at foreign, obscure comics.  That's where all the potential is.  Trust me, the best is yet to come.

That's it for now. Thanks to all the people who submitted questions! If you have more, feel free to post some.

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Aug 18, 2009
Yeah, interesting. Thanks for your answers and all of you for your questions. I think many of us have similar thoughts about sleepy fetish and this is a good way to start to know it a little more.

Your idea about to make (maybe almost) any kind of questions about this stuff is excellent and I hope to read a second part soon.

See you!


Aug 20, 2009
Different question: About a year ago, you were talking about finding a girlfriend and stuff like that. How's that going? How do you find the women from NYC for instance?

Aug 22, 2009
I'll address that question in my next post BLX.