Migrating to "Sleepy Comics Express"

Aug 29, 2009 05:24 PM
Very soon, I will be migrating the website to a new layout, dubbed "Sleepy Comics Express". Despite all the technical flourishes the current site, "V2.0", has, I absolutely hate it. I think it's difficult to use and confusing at times. I can't believe I made you guys use this interface for more than a year!

This new interface is a lot more user friendly. I got rid of all the AJAX, so everything works like it should. Back buttons behave correctly. There's no more fading and scrolling of scenes, but we don't need that.

The searching is a hundred times better on this new site. You will be able to type something like "black canary gagged" and get all of Black Canary's gag scenes. No longer do you have to enter in exact scene names to find something. The searches will be much more intuitive.

I included something called the Sleepy Comics "Directory". With the directory, you will be able to see lists of scenes based on category or person. For example, you can see a list of all chloroform scenes on one page.

You can still register for the website. All your old logins and passwords work.

Any registered user can still add scenes as well. Just click "Add Scene" above. I think scene adding has a better user interface as well. One key change: scenes cannot be deleted after 14 days. Also, I still must approve all user added scenes.

You can still fave scenes. Just click "+Fave" when you are viewing a scene.

I am planning on making blog posts more interesting, by including pictures and possibly doing scene reviews.

There are still some features I need to add, but right now the site is useable and I want to roll it out for a beta.

Please give me as much feedback as possible! Thanks and enjoy the new layout!

NOTE: If you hate this new layout, you can go back to version 2 by going to v2.sleepycomics.com

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Aug 30, 2009
I think I'm going back two v2 because I don't know how I can view the most recently added scenes.

Aug 30, 2009
Hmm, okay it may not have seemed obvious at first. Just click 'search' with an empty query. Searches by default always list everything by date added, so the most recent is on the top.