Features you should use: Faves and Ratings

Sep 27, 2009 06:32 PM
I hope you guys are liking the updates. The last few weeks has seen some seriously good scenes uploaded, many of which will go down as classics.

I'm still a little disappointed though by the amount of user participation happening on this site. In particular, I really want people to fave scenes and rate scenes more. I'll give you my reasoning.

Faving scenes is probably more important than ever now. There are over 4,400 scenes on this site, and there is no way you are going to remember every single one. If you find a scene you like, add it to your personal faves collection. That way you can go back and see it again without having to search the whole database.

Your faves are also public, so everyone else can view them. You can construct a profile of yourself based on the kind of scenes in your faves. I will also be able to tell which scenes are more popular by the number of faves it has, but it won't work if the most faves a scene will ever get is 1 or 2.

Secondly, I would like people to rate scenes more often. I know I just re-implemented the rating system (it was gone for a few weeks), so people might have forgotten it.
Most scenes only have 1 or 2 ratings on them. In order to paint a more accurate picture on what kind of scenes are good, I will need ratings data.

Imagine if every scene had 20 or more ratings. We could then accurately sort scenes by rating (instead of by the votes of one person). The reason I don't sort scenes by rating right now is because my vote is very subjective and is virtually useless on its own.

On a positive note, I am very happy with how the forum is turning out. A lot of people are using it and there are some good topics. Please continue to post there!

Thanks and have fun viewing all the new scenes!

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