Donations (yeah, it's that time again)

Oct 09, 2009 06:34 PM
I'll be honest with you: costs a lot to run. With domain names, hosting, Rapidshare accounts and development time, the cost to run can add up quickly.

I have always believed however, that this content should be 100% free forever. So no matter what, I will try my best to keep alive. And with your donations, it will motivate me that much more to keep working on this site and making it number one.

So to help put things into perspective, here is a breakdown of the costs associated with this site:

Domain Name Renewel - about $10 per year. Not a big deal for me.

Hosting - about $120 per year. This is so you don't have to struggle with a crappy Tripod site.

Rapidshare accounts - about $120 per year. This is so I can, um, get content.

Development time - unknown cost. If I wasn't a programmer, fixing bugs and adding new features to this site would cost thousands.

Opportunity cost - unknown cost. I could be out there picking up women and having a life. Instead I have to work on all night. And you know what? I f*cking love it.

Thank you for any donation you make. I promise you it will not be in vain.

The donation link can be found here: DONATE.

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