Featured Scene: Wonder Woman v3 #40

Oct 24, 2009 10:21 PM
Just one of the many great scenes uploaded in the past two weeks.
Just one of the many great scenes uploaded in the past two weeks.
First off, I really want to thank everyone who donated recently. You have all been very generous, and I raised enough to cover the costs of about 3 months of running this site. A donation is always welcome and you may donate anytime you wish. Thanks everyone!

Sleepycomics.com is currently experiencing unprecedented growth. We are currently at 4,748 scenes with around 10,870 images and links. There are nearly 3.0 Gigabytes worth of content being hosted on this site. Slowly but surely, we are nearying the 5,000 scene mark!

Not only have I begun posting more and more scenes, but registered users are also contributing more. I think it may have to do with the improved user interface, but also greater accessibility to comics and greater user interest. That's why I am featuring a scene uploaded by our very own lurkndog: Wonder Woman v3 #40.

Wonder Woman continues to increase her sleepy/bondage scene count, and this latest one is another great addition.

Other scenes uploaded recently include scenes from Justice League of America, Ka-Zar the Savage (adding more to our Shanna the She-Devil collection), scenes uploaded by user Blx (including an awesome Cavewoman scene), original artwork I drew, a handful of good chloroform scenes, a couple good Zatanna scenes (there's one very good head KO) and much much more.

I'm truly overwhelmed by the amount of content I am finding. Each scene is special to me and I try to showcase each and everyone. You may have noticed that I am cropping out the good parts of scenes and using them as "scene covers" (the image you see on search results). I continue to go back and update old information and update old scans with better ones. If you see a scan that is missing or low res, just leave a comment and I'll go and update it.

The forum is doing great right now. It needs less and less of my moderation to keep things moving there. I'm very happy with it. We even have the creator of Goji! Un Dragon con Angel as a member here!

Finally, I want to give a small upcoming blog some advertising: http://jakken-creativefiction.blogspot.com/. It has original stories that contain some sleepy content, as well as other fetishes. It may interest some of you.

That's all for now. Enjoy all the new scenes!

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Dec 03, 2009
No lady passes out like wonder Woman.