Featured Scene: Infinity Inc #44

Oct 28, 2009 10:52 PM
A fine unconscious cover, my new favorite thing!
A fine unconscious cover, my new favorite thing!
I'm starting to really like unconscious carries on comic covers. I think they are going to be the new fad on sleepycomics.com!

I went through the website in-my-arms.com, run by LordOfTheCarry, and looked at the collection of comic covers. I went and got bigger scans of the covers and added them to my database.

One of them that I completely missed before was this neat cover to Infinity Inc #44, today's featured scene! Nothing particularly special about this cover. I really like the look on the damsel's face and the costume she is wearing.

Another scene that I completely missed was the cover to Gen13 Bootleg #15.

One thing you guys should pay attention to, is that I go back and update old scans with better ones very frequently. The updates will appear briefly on the frontpage before heading back into obscurity.

A surprising thing I found, was that an old MPaul pic (the one where Wonder Woman is put under with a gas mask) is really popular! It has been around for probably over 10 years, yet it seems like people are just discovering it. It already has over 560 views.

I went through a manga called Dokidoki Heartbeat and found some interesting scans.
Also check out my finds from Jungla, Battle Club, Excalibur and more.

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