70+ Chloro Scenes in 4 days; My gift to you!

Dec 26, 2009 11:52 PM
Yukino Scramble vol. 1, one of my best finds!
Yukino Scramble vol. 1, one of my best finds!
This may sound absolutely crazy, but I literally just uncovered around 70+ chloroform scenes (all from doujinshi and manga) in the span of 4 days. That has to be some world record or something. I mean I was turning up chloro scenes left and right! I had some help of course...

An old japanese site called "Time to Sleep" has a database of manga chloro scenes (only titles and authors...and it's all in japanese!). The site is in my links page. I went through the list and just Googled the manga titles, seeing what I could find. When a title turned up something, I looked it up on mangafox.com or some other raw manga site (manga scans are all over the internet now). e-hentai.org contained around 90% of my haul.

A good samaritan over at e-hentai.org actually tagged the doujins that had chloro scenes in them! There were around 76 titles tagged with chloroform last I checked. Most were new, never before seen chloro scenes. It was a goldmine. I even got lucky occasionally and there would be a second chloro scene in the same issue. Yukino Scramble vol. 1 had TWO chloro scenes in it.

I'm telling you guys, manga is where all the good stuff is now. Checkout some manga scans websites (email me if you want some links). There is an endless supply of KO scenes.

So what a great way to end 2009 eh? This is my gift to you. Have a Happy New Year and keep looking for scenes!

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Dec 27, 2009
Thanks a lot sleepy claus!

Dec 28, 2009
I'm so glad that you found the Doujinshi I carefully searched over and over, tagged with "chloroform" for an easy search. I hope it to be a nice Christmas's present for you.
Anyway, always in e-hentai.org, i tagged over 50 Doujinshi with the tags "drugged" (for drugged drinks and injections scenes) and "gassed" (for sleeping gas scenes).
Have a look for those too.
I'm happy to have contributed to this database, I'm your fan since the first sleepy blog you made, and I like your hard work so much.
Thank you so much man, and Happy New Year!


Dec 28, 2009
To MoryoX: I knew it was someone in the sleepy community that was doing that!!! Thank you so much, I couldn't have found it all without you. I'll make sure to go back and get the rest. Thanks again Moryo!

Dec 30, 2009
I'll give another good news: there are tons of scenes still to be found, I'll be on guard.
Also, I'm gonna make an alert, maybe a forum thread, with all the scenes i found on mangas (on magafox or mangahelper) so that you can find them easily.
I'm not posting it coz I'm not fond to programs.


Jan 01, 2010
Sorry but these Japanese scenes aren't makin it. Please don't get me wrong the art work is great. I find the scenes too busy. Too much attempt at content, with little substance. This is only my opinion, and please do continue to show them.