Terry and the Pirates - Willow Belinda

Sep 09, 2006 04:39 PM
A while back, Caeribormeith posted a chloroform comic scan on his site. It was really low quality but from that scan I was able to determine what comic series it came from. Turns out it was from Terry and the Pirates and the damsel is Willow Belinda. Today I found a larger scan.

That should be a lot better. I went to the downtown library and they had a HUGE graphic novel section. Like I could seriously spend and entire afternoon just pouring over random comics. I found a Terry and the Pirates anthology and made the above scan. Oh, and here is something even more interesting: the anthology has 10 volumes. I randomly selected the 10th volume and VOILA, there was the scene. It's like I am attracted to these sleepy scenes or something.

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