Why I haven't been updating this site...

Nov 09, 2013 09:56 AM
So yes, I am still alive. I even made some original art recently!

Life's moving for me. I landed a new job in NYC, that's keeping me pretty busy. I'm spending lots of time on my other hobbies, which include juggling and even learning how to unicycle.

Am I the same prolific comic/manga searcher I was three years ago? Probably not. I occasionally skim the latest comics, but not everything. Here are some of the reasons I've lost motivation to search:

* It gets harder and harder to find good scenes. This is because we have a database of AMAZING scenes, so all new stuff is mediocre.

* Managing tens of thousands of images is difficult. Already I have a hard time locating a scene on my own hard disk! Backing things up takes longer.

* I've already surpassed my goal. I wanted to find the best comic and manga sleepy scenes, and I feel like I've done that. There's nothing left to prove.

I still check this site a lot. I always go back and look at my favorite comic scenes. A lot of times I rediscover scenes I forgot about, and it's an awesome feeling!

Keep submitting scenes though, there's been some neat stuff lately! Thanks!

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Dec 11, 2013
You've done an amazing job here and it's normal that this site enters a new phase, more "archive" oriented than "what's new".

I share your "awesome feeling" when I rediscover forgotten scenes, this site is so rich.

Thanks again for what you've done.
And good luck with your unicycling.



Dec 12, 2013
Hi Red, it is an amazing job you have done here. Nothing to complain about, and a lot of thanks to give to you.

One thing only: how can I unlock a scene I uploaded some weeks ago? I want to add more pictures to the scene, since its source is an ongoing webcomic which is still producing more pictures fitting to this site.

Can you help me here? Thanks in advance.


Feb 03, 2014
Well, you have done some amazing things for the Kingdom of Sleepy Superheroines! This site is utterly incredible!