September 2017 Update

Sep 04, 2017 03:37 PM
Since my last blog post, I've posted 12 new pieces of art on my deviantArt page. Hope you guys have been enjoying them! It's always a fun hobby to do on the side.

I managed to get my Chloroforum account locked by accident, and since then I've been unable to get back to that site. The admins there don't seem to care about responding to e-mails. You don't really need an account to use, which is kind of nice. I do wish there was some more user activity like back in the day. I do like to hear from people, via e-mail, deviantArt and Twitter.

I am going to have to find a new way to let users submit scenes. Photobucket has turned to crap lately. I don't know if Imageshack still works. With sites like, it's so easy to search comics for scenes. If you guys find anything cool, send me a link on Twitter.

ProjectX has continued making his comic book KO packs, and I've been able to stay up to date because some kind users on the Chloroforum send them to me. As a service to the community, I'm archiving all the ProjectX KO comics packs on Amazon S3. You can download them on this page.

Amazon S3 and Dreamhost still cost some money. I just renewed my hosting and they have been good so far! A small donation to help fund the site is always appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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