Another big update (44 new scenes)

Sep 14, 2006 10:13 AM
Added 44 new gas scenes to the database, starting with Marvel Super Heroes Summer Special #2.

As more and more scenes get added, you noticed some interesting things. For one, it seems as if Wonder Woman has more KOs than any other damsel. Lois Lane, She-Hulk and Sue Storm are also up there in the KO count.

Remember, my lists are sortable. Just click the word "sleeper" to show the list sorted by sleeper. Click "issue" to sort the list by the comic issue. Simple.


Action Comics #438

Thanks for alerting me to this great gas scene in Action 438:
The rest of the scene is in the database. That brings the total update to 45 new gas scenes. A total of 485 scenes have been indexed. 


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