City Hunter - Secret Service

Sep 18, 2006 10:52 AM
The Anime City Hunter had several good chloroform scenes, one of which I just posted. It's an alright scene. The chloro is followed by a lot of sleepy shots which is always good. At the end, the lady regains consciousness, only to lose it again. I give it *** stars.

I also put up a sleeping gas scene from Justice League, episode 'War World p2'. I like this scene a lot because it's like what the third time Hawkgirl is gassed. Plus she puts up a good struggle before the sleeping gas knocks her out, managing to smash the glass panel a little.

I hope you are not having any problems downloading the video clips. Supposedly I get unlimited bandwith and the downloads should be blazing fast.

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Sep 19, 2006
I love sleepy comics more than even real life scenerio's.I guess It's because I have been reading comics for many years and when the sleepy fetish hit at about 11 years old it was not hard to imagine these beautiful heroines put to sleep and helpless.Your data base is such a treat after Ethernet discontinued.My favorite heroine is Tigra,although I would love to see the Valkyrie craddle carried.Those armor encaseted breasts would be just beautiful protruding up and outward.The one issue of Spider Woman put to sleep by one of the Grimm brothers was such a find.All superheroines should end up lain out helpless like that after being put to sleep.As well as the Cat issue.Keep up the good work.I love your site.I have commission work from Madcurce of Marvel heroines put to sleep.They were worth every cent.It just shows how much I love to see heroines put to sleep.Again fantastic sight.

Sep 19, 2006
Thanks for the comment!