New database format

Sep 21, 2006 03:40 PM
I just redesigned the database. Now you can sort anything you want in any order (requires javascript). The only downside is that if you refresh the database, it goes back to its default state. I realized this can be a bit annoying. So I decided to make all the scans open in new windows.

Also with my new system, the file sizes for the databases are much smaller. They used to be several hundred kilobytes and the reason was that I used MS word to create the tables. MS Word adds so much styling you don't need to the HTML file. So I just went through the HTML file and deleted all the junk I didn't need. The files are A LOT smaller now so they will load faster.

In my old system (and I am kind of embarrassed to admit this) I had two HTML files: one sorted by issue and one sorted by sleeper. So it took double the space to provide sortable lists. Now I have made it more efficient. All the sorting takes place on the client-side, so you need javascript. I tested it in FireFox and it works alright.

I hope you guys like the modifications I made!

The sleeping gas database has been updated with several gassings from JLA and some other goodies.

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