Detective Conan vol. 30 - Ran Mouri

Oct 01, 2006 12:21 AM
These past few days have been fruitful. I saw a new City Hunter chloro and a Detective Conan chloro. Oh man it just can't get any better!

I definitely have to thank the person (Moryomaru) for alerting me to the Ran scene. That was a big surprise. The scans were lifted from here. I also unleashed a scan of Conan himself getting chloroformed. The same thing happens in the anime. Detective Conan is undoubtedly THE MANGA to look for KO scenes.

I also did some research on potential scene finds. The scenes listed as "Still Looking" in the database means I am 99% sure there is a scene in that comic, I just can't find it. Like I know D.N. Angel vol 6 has a gas scene in it. I would like to know if anyone finds one of those scenes labelled "still looking".

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