Cyborg 009 S1E11

Oct 01, 2006 10:27 AM
I Finally found the Cyborg 009 chloro on youtube! The episode is called "Holy Night Mirage" and you can see it here. The chloro happens around 3:08. It's a really nice scene; I actually saw this live on TV! When the episode reaired, I taped it and that was the only copy I had. I couldn't convert analog to digital so there was no way I could post it on the internet. Now I just need to find a way to convert .flv files to .avi.
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I think the context of Cyborg 003's kidnapping is excellent. When she gets into the car and says goodbye to her family, it's the last time she ever sees them. She thinks she's going to a ballet school but then the cloth is clamped over her mouth. Francoise slips into dreamland and the next time she wakes up is basically 2003. She is just so helpless which is why I love this scene. Chloroform practically changed her life.

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