Creamy Mami

Oct 07, 2006 06:30 PM
Just when I thought I had found everything, the chloro gods giveth more. A cool member (I'm looking at you Moryomaru) alerted me to some anime scenes. I decided to look for the chloroform scenes first because, well, chloroform is my number one priority. And so I found this series called "Magical Angel Creamy Mami". Now when I first started watching it I was like there is no way there could be chloro in this show! I totally did not expect it. The show has cute little kitties, magical unicorns, a cute heroine. There was absolutely no way this show for 10 year olds could possibly have a chloroforming. And then it happened.

I literally jumped out of my chair and yelled "FUCK YEAH!" at the top of my lungs. I was watching episode 17. The scene was unbelievable; it's one of my favorite cartoon scenes ever! Creamy Mami is in this cute little outfit and she gets chloroformed by a person she trusted! The context was brilliant! Oh yeah, the cloth is a flower too which made it all the better because honestly, kids don't need to know that you put chloroform on a WHITE CLOTH. They just need to think, hey this flower emits sleeping gas fumes and she breathed it, very cool.

The second Creamy Mami scene is the traditional agent-in-a-black-suit-and-tie-holding-a-white-cloth-over-the-girl's-mouth scene. Excellent scenes both of them. Your mouths are probably watering right now so I'll just tell you I posted them in the clips section. Eat your hearts out.

On a side note, my room mates heard my persistive yelling. They wanted to know what I was all excited about. My happiness was too great to contain. I didn't tell them anything and they didn't really care.

A little bit off topic. I went to a frat party last night with one of my roommates. I had a little alcohol, played some games. It was fun. I should go partying more often, it's too boring around here.

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Oct 11, 2006
finding good anime scenes has been well...damn near impossible. i can't get a great kyword search going on any engine, and have resorted in most cases to trial and error renting. in some cases i've had to compromise for lesser hypno scenarios that carry a similar flavor. i imagine manga might have a better success rate, but we need is a dedicated site to sleepy-anime/manga!

point is i know that feeling well. i had the same thing happen with "angel of darkness 3" which has two decent chloro scenes, and "agent aika: final battle" -which has a series of good sleepy scenes from tranq darts to drugged drink, to even fainting and over the shoulder carries. you might check em out.