My Dream Last Night

Oct 09, 2006 11:09 AM
Let me describe my dream to you. It involved one of my roommates. The setting was a hotel, or apartment maybe. In my dream, my roommate was with a girl when suddenly he nerve pinches the girl causing her to faint. My roommate gets all excited now. I say to him "I need to talk to you right now".

I ask him if he likes seeing unconscious women and replies 'yes'. I then admit to him that I shared his fascination. It turns out he had his own sleepy website as well, but it involved him making his own videos. I showed him my site and told him about the entire subculture surrounding this sleepy fascination.

I guess the dream emphasized my wish to perhaps meet another human being who understands my interest (that doesn't mean I want to meet any of you people in person, you are all weird!). It would be pretty awesome though to just bump into someone randomly and find out that he is one of us. I'll probably have better luck getting a royal flush in poker.

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Oct 09, 2006
Imagine if you were at a collage party and while your making out with a hot girl you slowly put a prop cloth over her mouth and nose.Her eyes grow wide with suprise then she understands what her role is and slowly acts as if she is being put to sleep.Then says she knows about the fetish and if you take her out she may let you do it again!Dream my man dream!

Oct 09, 2006
Now that's what I'm talking about!!

Oct 11, 2006
indeed. i had an experience a cpl years back, where i had always thought something must be wrong with me like i was some sort of deviant, though i lead a very normal adult, productive life with great friends and family. the fascination had always made me somewhat self-conscious, and i ultimately decided to share with my best friend one night; as she had been bugging me for yrs to tell her my fantasies and i'd always declined. so i decided to finally spill the beans and explain it as best i could.

she laughed and said i was silly for thinking it was soo abnormal. she said it wasn't like i was trying to knock girls out and take advantage of them, and everyone has quirky fantasies. she was interested to hear more. it really made me feel better to know even someone who didn't share the interest would be able to understand it.