Lucky again: Miracle Girls vol 4

Oct 15, 2006 12:55 AM
Luck is on my side. I got an alert that there is a chloroform scene in Miracle Girls, in one of volumes 3-5. I went to my library and found that they had only volumes 3 and 4 available. Volume 4 triumphed. As I was flipping through I saw agents in black suits. I knew I was on the right track!

A week ago I was also at the library and I just randomly picked up a manga I saw. The title was "Scary Book" and it looked like it had potential for a scene. I flipped through and caught a glimpse of a white cloth over a face. It was an incredible find, almost as if I am attracted to these scenes.

I added another chloro clip, this one from an anime called Utawaremono (I think I spelled that right, it has a lot of letters in it). First saw the scene on Youtube I believe. It's alright, we get two for the price of one, I'm always fine with that.

So the new Fantastic Four cartoon is going to have an episode called "Puppet Master". I'm not sure, but in three instances Sue Storm was gassed by the Puppet Master in three versions of the same scene (FF #8). That would be awesome if they recreated FF #8.

I'm also watching the NBC series "Heroes". I'm waiting for that KO!

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