Star Spangled Kid x2

Oct 20, 2006 10:53 AM
Here are some of my recent finds:

The first two scenes involving the Star Spangled Kid were contributed by members of c3c. Now those people know DID! Basically they posted a scene where the girl was waking up bound on a table. I asked Grimbor how she was abducted and he posted the scene where she was gassed. Man how lucky is that? Then another member alerted me to a scene in JSA #69 where she was put to sleep by an injection. It was such a great scene.As you have seen already, I managed to acquire volume 5 of Kyoukasho Ni Nai. This is a fairly ecchi manga so as I was flipping through the first 100 pages I was like "ewwwwww". The scene finally appeared and it was so worth the effort.

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