Deviantart a winner once again

Oct 24, 2006 11:45 AM
Someone sent me a link to this very nice piece of sleepy art: It's the Fausta chloro reimagined! The artist is obviously very talented; this is probably one of the finest chloroformings I have ever witnessed in ink. I don't know how else to praise it, just look at it and leave comments. Amazing what one can find out there. (PS: check out the rest of the artist's gallery, you will find a pleasant surprise.)

Anyway, I added three more clips. The last 8 clips have been chloroformings, so I've switched gears and posted 3 sleeping gas scenes. One of them is the Daphne gassing from Scooby Doo. Project X posted it a while back and I liked the clip so much I am putting it on my site. Posted a new clip from Urusei Yatsura movie 5 of Lum knocked out with sleeping gas. Finally, I posted a scene you have all probably seen before, Lois Lane gassed in the Superman TAS episode "Demon Reborn". I don't think a good quality version of that scene was ever posted before, so I decided to make a decent clip of that great scene.

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